Who We Are

Social SoapboxPR provides social media, online content management and social media event reporting services to busy entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Additionally, Social SoapboxPR provides publicist or marketing directors who want to outsource the support they need to maximize their campaign success.  

We offer a  wide range of tools and networking options through social media to improve visibility, reputation, and build ongoing  loyal relationships. We help to develop strategies, evaluate the options  and identify the resources required to implement a social media-marketing plan to meet your goals.

Social Media is NOT just about advertising; it’s about building relationships. Opening the lines of communication with people that, if not now, might be interested in your services down the road.  Social SoapboxPR can help you increase web traffic, generate awareness of products or services, encourage brand loyalty and peer support, event promotion and increased customer feedback on social sites.

Social SoapboxPR offers:

Online Content Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Reporting