*None of the services below include posting or monitoring social media platforms.

Content Creator/Writer :$50 per blog post under 250 words I $100 for a video creation (talking head, taped example) I event interviews

Create a Social Media Strategy:  ($500) A social media strategy is the gameplan for your organization’s digital communications. Every organization has (or should have) business goals that all internal teams work to accomplish, whether driving sales or engendering positive word-of-mouth. The social media strategy outlines how your organization will use channels like email, Facebook and LinkedIn to foster the relationships necessary to transform those business goals into reality.  A good social media strategy supports the overarching marketing plan

Creating YouTube Channel: ($250) includes creation of 2 video post

Write and Revise a Press Release: ($100) A press release or a news release is a written announcement directed at members of the news media about something claimed as having news value. This encourages the journalists to write a news article on the subject giving you a lot more exposure for free. Press releases can announce a range of business news such as: scheduled events, awards, accomplishments, new products, new services, executive promotions, sales and other financial data, etc.

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